Friday, 21 October 2016

Capture Your Grief Day 4: Support Circles

At Elliot's meet and greet, we handed out sparklers for friends who wanted to celebrate Annalee's birthday with us in spirit. Receiving photos of our friends and family taking a moment for her brought so much joy to the day. We're so lucky to be surrounded by people who never hesitate to speak Annalee's name; who never stop sending their love on the 20th of each month; who remember her and keep her in their hearts. 


  1. Your writings here are beautiful Anna. I am very lucky to get to go to Forgetmenot Pond many times in a summer and I always think of your sweet Annalee everytime, and it feels good. I am so blessed to Have several sweet little ladies in my life and I count Annalee as one of them. Love to all.

  2. i know i am not always the best at reaching out to tell you when i'm thinking about you, but each month on the 20th when floods of eli are all consuming, annalee (and you, sweet anna) are always right there with me. i hate that the 20th holds so much heartache for the both of us, but i am grateful to be able to send a little extra love and light to both of you each time. xx