Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Sibling for Annalee

We're so excited to be expecting again!

After having Annalee, before we even left the hospital, Eric and I both had to know how long we'd have to wait before trying for another baby. It was like we were overflowing with love and without Annalee, we needed somewhere to direct it. My doctor told us to give ourselves some time to heal emotionally (and me physically), but there was no reason we couldn't start trying again right away.

Neither one of us was willing to wait until we were emotionally healed- I'm not sure if that will ever happen. Because it took us a while to get pregnant with Annalee, we figured we'd start trying a few months later and it happened almost immediately! I couldn't believe it!

I remember sitting in Annalee's room and telling her that one day we'd like to have a brother or sister for her. It didn't mean we were moving on or replacing her- she had just brought us so much joy, that we couldn't fathom a life without a child. I asked her to help us out and give us her blessing when the time was right. There was a real element of guilt for me when I thought about having another baby. I wanted to make sure we took the time to honor Annalee, but when I got pregnant again so quickly, I knew that she was happy for us.

Our little girl and this little baby have helped us heal in ways I never thought possible.


  1. MY FAVOURITE POST TO DATE!!!!!! Anna, I sat and cried reading this post. What a gift and a blessing. I especially love that you asked her to let you know when the time as right and BAM!! Big sis sending you LOVE. I'm so excited for you guys. xo

  2. i cant tell you how happy this post makes my heart. so much love to you, eric, annalee and this sweet little babe growing in your belly. xo

  3. So exciting!! Bless you both, and bless the growing wee one, and always always bless sweet Annalee ❤️