Monday, 21 September 2015

3 Months

We celebrated Annalee's 3 month birthday yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a picnic out at Forget-Me-Not Pond in Kananaskis. As expected, the day was full of sadness, but we managed to have a lot of laughs too. We could feel Annalee around us all day- the leaves blowing like confetti and the little grasshopper that sat on Eric's knee and watched us have lunch. We know you're with us, sweet girl.

There are days when it feels like things might be getting easier, but then the heartbreak returns and the grief hits like a ton of bricks. Even though we have more good days than bad, we're always on the brink of tears. This is not at all what our lives were supposed to be like and it's hard not to be angry about that. I'm sure there are lessons to be learned in all of this, but I would've rather gone a lifetime without knowing them if it meant having our Annalee here.


  1. There's a quote I came across a while back that has stuck with me, and makes me think of you:

    "Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid".

    -Frederick Buechner

  2. Kristine, that quote is incredible!
    Anna, I continue to be amazed at your strength and vulnerability. Annalee is proudly looking down on her mama and papa as they keep living in her honor! Little sweet :)
    Endlessly loving you guys. xo

  3. endless love to the three of you, anna. always always. xo